How NFTNDX.IO fights the fraudsters in the NFT Market with an Authenticated NFTs Index

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Index, known colloquially as NFTNDX.IO, is an NFT explorer that allows users to transparently access and verify the authenticity of NFTs on the blockchain.

How NFTNDX.IO fights the fraudsters in the NFT Market with an Authenticated NFTs Index
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NFT markets have blown up in recent weeks and the hype has seen some tokens sell for record-breaking amounts, reaching tens of millions of dollars. Today, more users are minting and selling NFTs on various marketplaces. Consequently, verifying the authenticity of NFTs has become more complex as scam artists flood the marketplaces with fraudulent artwork aiming to sell NFTs of fake or duplicate artworks.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Index, known colloquially as NFTNDX.IO, is an NFT explorer that allows users to transparently access and verify the authenticity of NFTs on the blockchain. NFTNDX.IO lists verified profiles of top personalities in the NFT market, tracking the NFTs they have minted and who owns them in real-time. The list aggregates the list based on multiple contracts including marketplaces and private platforms.


NFTNDX is headed by Ayoub Dardory, who is the index's founder. The team members are blockchain experts with experience in the NFT ecosystem. The team built NFTNDX to function similarly to, the Ethereum network’s blockchain explorer.

Main Function of NFTNDX

NFTNDX’s primary function is to facilitate transparency in the NFT ecosystem, helping NFT collectors to verify the authenticity of NFTs before purchasing them. The index was built and released in March 2021 to meet the market demand for an NFT explorer as more collectors and NFT enthusiasts were trapped in fraudulent sales. The index enables collectors to safely explore and purchase NFTs. With the influx of NFT trading activities and barely any dedicated index for tracking activities on various NFTs, NFTNDX pioneers an essential service to the NFT ecosystem.

Like Etherscan, NFTNDX does not function as an NFT wallet. Therefore, the index neither stores individuals’ private keys nor regulates the NFT transactions via smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

Applications of NFTNDX

Users can explore NFTs on verified profiles at NFTNDX.IO to verify their authenticity before purchasing them at their favorite marketplaces. The index is freely accessible to all users and listed profiles are all verified. This ensures that the index lists no scam artists and their subsequent fake works.

NFTNDX also tracks the number of NFTs minted by the listed profiles in the past 14 days and the NFTs transferred in the same period. More details could be found on Charts & Statistics section. Collectors can also view a full list of NFTs minted by their favorite creators on the creators’ profiles. Other information you can view on the profile includes the number of minted NFTs, the latest minted, and the latest transferred NFT for a given contract or collection.

Beyond the verified profile, collectors can view specific tokens they are interested in, view the NFT’s metadata including the number of unique historical owners, the initial minted supply, and the number of times the NFTs have been transferred. The index also lists the transactions for each transfer, which can be viewed on Etherscan.

Verified Beeple’s NFT that sold for $69 million with direct links to OpenSea and Rarible

Each NFT on the personality’s profile is listed with a full description and links to their respective marketplaces embedded on the token profile. These verified links direct collectors and NFT enthusiasts to the marketplaces with authentic NFTs from their favorite personalities.

Exploring NFTs on NFTNDX

NFTNDX supports only verified profiles on its platform. Users can browse through the various categories listed on the platform’s sidebar to quickly access their favorite personalities. The personalities are grouped into five major categories: business, companies, entertainment, visual artists, and sports. There are multiple other sub-categories for each major category with a listed number of profiles under the sub-category.

The index’s homepage incorporates responsive design to enhance user experience and ease navigation as collectors browse through various profiles or categories for NFTs. The intuitive design of the platform includes a dark theme for dark-theme lovers. You can also navigate to full-screen mode for better accessibility through the website.

Features of NFTNDX

Etherscan Integration: NFTNDX leverages Etherscan’s functionality in its NFT transfer history section. This offers collectors an additional layer of authenticity for NFTs they plan to purchase as they can visit the page and view the transaction records to further validate the NFT’s originality. This feature complements the role of NFTNDX as a robust index of verified NFTs.

Verified Profiles: NFTNDX lists only verified profiles that have been validated by its internal team. Creators can submit their profiles to the team for verification and subsequent listing on the index. Creators will complete a form on the website, filling in their  information. Once verified, the creator will be listed in their respective category. With this listing on NFTNDX, creators secure their works against counterfeiting by scam artists who look to cash in on the chaotic NFT market scenes.

Marketplace Integration: For each NFT listed on NFTNDX, the corresponding marketplace link is embedded in the description to ensure the collector can directly view and purchase the right token in under three clicks. This feature minimizes the risk of searching and clicking on counterfeit tokens from con artists on the marketplaces.


Although top marketplaces also verify profiles, the platforms have been flooded by scam artists posing as the original creators. Artists like Derek Laufman and Devin Elle Kurtz have had their identities and works stolen and verified profiles created in their names on OpenSea and Marble Cards, some of the top NFT marketplaces.

A Tweet by Kurtz lamenting identity theft on Marble Cards Website

NFTNDX provides a dedicated platform for verified profiles of creators. All profiles on the platform are authenticated by the team to ensure that collectors get the right NFTs. NFTNDX builds trust in NFT marketplaces and will drive the development of the NFT ecosystem. The index is a crucial element, complementing marketplaces and ensuring that creators get full rewards for their works.


NFTNDX is your go-to platform for top NFT personalities and creators. View profiles of billionaire Mark Cuban, digital artist Beeple, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, musician Grimes, among many others. The index integrates features to ensure fast and secure verification of original NFTs through its verified list of creators.

For creators, it is time to get verified and secure your artwork from cunning scam artists who may take over your identities and benefit from your hard work.

Contact NFTNDX here or visit their telegram channel to get notified of the latest updates.