NFTNDX's WordPress Plugin Release

NFTNDX's WordPress Plugin Release

With the increase of popularity of the NFTs in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and also the number of fraudsters minting fraudulent NFTs, NFTNDX was created to resolve this issue by only listing the authenticated NFTs in the market and tracking them on the platform.

The fact of having such type of validated information makes it valuable to either buyer, creators, and also enthusiasts in the space, therefore we decided to make that information easily accessible by providing a plugin that will help the different outlets to include those NFT details like Twitter's Tweet cards directly in their WordPress posts in a very straight forward manner.
Example of Beeple's NFT Card

How to use it?

Using the plugin is quite straightforward, you just have to follow these simple steps:

1- Install the plugin

The plugin is currently available on WordPress's official listing, You can install it from the "Plugins" section on WordPress directly by putting "nftndx" in the search box. After the installation, don't forget to activate the plugin.

Please note that you can also download the Zip file of the plugin from the official WordPress listing if you want to proceed with the manual installation:

2- Choose the NFT

You can use our explorer NFTNDX.IO to search for the NFT that you are looking for, once you find it, please copy its link.

3- Publish it on your website

You can either create or update a post by pasting the NFT link you copied previously with your content.

You can use the "Embed" block provided in the visual editor, or you can follow the short-code approach as well.

Example: EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS - (Beeple's $69 Million NFT)


NFTNDX.IO is always aiming to make the data authenticity, accessibility, and transparency of NFTs straightforward for all the members of the community, and this WordPress plugin is just the beginning of future tools and integrations.

If you are interested in contributing with us, feel free to reach out to us at

The team is always hearing and we are always listening for your feedback, you can contact us here or visit our Telegram channel to get notified of the latest updates.