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MetaZoo Mothman

Darkness fell over Point Pleasant in 1966, and the form it took was Mothman. Hundreds of eye witnesses saw this flying catastrophe plaguing the nighttime of this small American town, whispering the number “46” over and over again. All those visited by this mysterious Cryptid were left with the impression that something more sinister was on the horizon... and they were proven right when Point Pleasant’s very own Silver Bridge collapsed just days before Christmas... killing 46 people. Cryptids, animals that have been claimed to exist but never proven contrary, have been a part of human folklore for as long as as recorded history. MetaZoo continues this tradition adding a collectible and gamified element to these creatures of obscure origin like Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil and the Flatwoods Monster.


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Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki

DJ / Producer

2x-GRAMMY-Nominated artist/DJ/producer and Dim Mak Records founder.

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