NFT # 14032 - The Dreamers

Dreamer #14032

The second collection from Bitlectro Labs, Dreamers feature 16-bit art and music by STRFKR member Keil Corcoran with musical contributions from Arian Jalali also of the band STRFKR. Dreamers will be integrated into the upcoming Dreamlands Battle Arena coming in 2022. Dreamers are minted in a 'cryostasis' state like a pack of collectible cards or a gift, with their metadata kept secret until they are 'unfrozen' using our dashboard at The owner of each Dreamer receives a Creative Commons CC BY license for their musical and visual composition to use as they see fit.


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Bitlectro Labs
Bitlectro Labs

NFT Studio

The studio behind Dreamloops collectibles. Dreamloops are a series of audio-visual non-fungible tokens (NFTs), minted on the Ethereum blockchain, and hosted via IPFS (Interplanetary File System).

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