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Kate Moss, London

Kate Moss, London

This iconic moving image of Kate Moss is one of the most striking and intimate portraits ever taken of the legendary photographer’s greatest muse: it is his personal homage to the woman that captured his heart and eye with her beauty, humour and spirit, and whose image in his photographs has captivated imaginations the world over. The backdrop to this moment is their extraordinary friendship. Not only are they two of the world’s leading fashion icons, but they are also great companions. Recognised as the ultimate fashion photographer of his generation, Testino’s portrait of Moss transcends fashion. It was created in 2002 for Testino's solo exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London, a show that turned out to be the most visited exhibition in the gallery’s long history. "I’m always so amazed at how beautiful Kate looks, however she is dressed or made up. For this image I asked her to paint her own face with her fingers. In photography when you capture the moment you know you have it, and sometimes it’s not about perfection but emotion. Her beauty with these colours is so powerful. It’s an image that stays with you." - Mario


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Mario Testino
Mario Testino

Fashion and portrait photographer

A Peruvian fashion and portrait photographer. His work has featured internationally in magazines such as Vogue, V Magazine, Vanity Fair and GQ.