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Cara Delevingne, New York

Cara Delevingne, New York

This mesmerising moving image portrait of actress and supermodel Cara Delevingne is surreal and striking, a demonstration of both the skill of the artist and the versatility of its subject. "It was so incredible how calm Cara stayed despite the makeup dripping down her face and the intensity of the shoot. You can really see a lot in photography, unless you have a soul the picture dies on the surface. The personality of the person makes the portrait. For images like this, digital photography has given me the opportunity for things to be more in relation to my imagination than my reality." - Mario


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Mario Testino
Mario Testino

Fashion and portrait photographer

A Peruvian fashion and portrait photographer. His work has featured internationally in magazines such as Vogue, V Magazine, Vanity Fair and GQ.

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