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Walter Iooss Jr. - Makersplace v2 - Michael Jordan, Deerfield, IL 1993 - NFT # 59493

Michael Jordan, Deerfield, IL 1993

“I made this photograph of Michael after team practice at The Bulls’ training facility. I had someone hold up a 4x8' foam core behind him while he shot free throws. One strobe. One foam core. And The King." Walter Iooss Jr. May 4th, 2021 ************************************************************************************* Artist: Walter Iooss Jr. Title: Michael Jordan, Deerfield, IL 1993 Location: Sheri L. Berto Center Date of Photo: March 21, 1993 NFT Mint Event For Image: #01 Release Date: May 18th, 2021


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Walter Iooss Jr.
Walter Iooss Jr.

Sports photographer

an American photographer best known for his award-winning images of sports' greatest athletes, including Michael Jordan, Kelly Slater, Tiger Woods, Scottie Pippen, and Muhammad Ali.

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