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Art Blocks - Art Blocks v2 - Scribbled Boundaries #204 - NFT # 131000204

Scribbled Boundaries #204

Scribbles on Scribbles on Scribbles ➿ This series is an exploration of chaos and order – how seemingly random movements in the microscopic scale can be more than meets the eye. Simple guiding rules transfigure chaotic movements into beautiful order. Life, as we know it, can be expressed in a similar fashion. Our decisions, unexpected occurrences, and even our seemingly meaningless place in the Universe are not just mere coincidences, but providential orchestrations of the Designer. [ Mints will be sold via a dutch auction. Starting price will be set at 3eth and decrease every 5 minutes with a resting price of 0.25eth. i.e. 3eth, 2.5eth, 2eth, 1.5eth, 1.25eth, 1.0eth, 0.75eth, 0.5eth, 0.25eth ]


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Art Blocks

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