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Bloom #227

Bloom is a story about a flower and its life cycle. Each leaf and petal's shape, location, and variations (color, opacity, shading, contrast, and more) are uniquely generated based on the token's hash. Over a period of time determined by the hash (weeks, months, even years), each element of the flower will break away and float to the floor, ultimately becoming a pile of leaves and petals. The dynamic evolution of this piece is meant to be a reminder of the fleeting nature of life. Memento Mori. Dutch auction starting at 2Ξ and decreasing every 5 minutes to 0.25Ξ (2->1->0.75->0.5->0.4->0.35->0.3->0.25). 25% of sales over base price will be donated to the charities included on our website.


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