NFT # 179000035 - Art Blocks v2

8 #35

Themes of gender & sexuality expressed in a symbol of luck, fate, a cosmic slot machine. Luck of the mint, art of the flip to explain the randomness of one’s unique traits. The fruit of the slots to the binary I Ching of 8 sides & planetary gender. These traits are in the art & in us. They might seem imperfect but their unique lucky combination give each a power no one else has. **At least 12% of the profit is donated to CasaBrumar Foundation & Safe Space and other LGBTQ+ charities** Space: stop/start, C: color, F: Faster, E: Slower, X: Stop/Reset/Start, ASWD: move symbol, 2 finger touch: stop, 1 finger drag: move


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Art Blocks

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