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**FOCUS** is a 1000 image meditation, and it is my second release of Zen-inspired generative art, following [Ensō]( This algorithm can produce images that are elegantly minimal, as well as images featuring complex patterns that explore visual illusions and artificial space. The limited palette consists of black, white, and five colors; this both constrains possible outcomes and allows the creation of unique perceptual interactions. Inspired by the Zen art tradition of doing more with less, FOCUS does not utilize any pseudo-random number generation, and each output can be recreated by hand using simple math, estimation, and dedication. Except in extremely rare scenarios, each token can provide a wide variety of visual experiences through its interactive features: use up and down arrows to adjust the pattern recursion factor, left and right arrows to adjust the midpoint count, ‘h’ to hide or show the central shape, and ‘s’ to save. FOCUS is best viewed live and full screen. *Interactive features: use up or down arrows to adjust the background pattern's recursion, and left or right arrows to adjust the number of midpoints along the sides of the background pattern. Use ‘h’ to hide or show the central shape, and ‘s’ to save an image. To use the token's hash to 'autoplay' the token, use Matto's [FOCUS animator]( *Companion project: deFOCUSed is a free-to-claim, 100% on-chain, generative art project, where every FOCUS token creates a deFOCUSed token. It's a free gift to my collectors. (Thank you!) [Claim Site]( | [More Info](


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