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Art Blocks - Art Blocks v2 - Placement #143 - NFT # 205000143

Placement #143

Six works from the _Placement_ series were on exhibition at the Art Blocks Gallery in Marfa, Texas from May – October, 2022. _Placement_ is a series of 500 artworks that are iteratively generated by an algorithm built by the artist. These hard-edge color-fields are visual representations of the underlying code; their color juxtapositions provoke a long look that goes beyond ‘seeing’. The frame assists in this process as it emphasizes concentration akin to the design of a digital display. The mechanisms of production – code and silkscreen – fade away to present artworks of pure color projected onto a screen or laid on top of paper. In this way, the artist relates the allure of vivid, saturated ink to the mesmerizing glow of a digital display. Cooper is engaged with themes such as digital materiality and the phenomenological.


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