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Dream Engine #38

Dream Engine is an ethereal art project that allows us to see, hear and touch the heart of the blockchain by exploring its sleeping DNA. It generates an abstraction of sound and vision, enabling us to listen to the blockchain while watching it dream. Dream Engine enhances the unique and subtle differences in each invocation to be as distinct as a retina scan. Borrowing an adjacency matrix from graph theory, we locate and connect neighboring nodes while sequencing an evolving soundtrack from each hash code letter. These are color coded and distinct to every composition. This piece is not just "on chain", it is "chain native" and exists so the code can render an unrepeatable audio-visual hash signature from the blocks DNA. Dream Engine also uses psycho acoustic neural frequencies. These resonate in a hypnotic therapeutic musical monolith, with crests and lulls designed to interplay within our own space of creation, meditation ​and dreams. Each dream piece is reproducibly generated from its immutable hash. But you can mutate your own composition and use it as an instrument for artistic expression. Click play to engage music. Use your mouse, speech or keys to remix. Return clears canvas to create your own dream composition. When paired with sister project, Talking Blocks, they will interact creating an audio-visual feedback loop. Dream Engine lives in a dimension where ideas are born. “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” today they do. For instructions to create in Live Mode and more, visit our website


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