NFT # 227000025 - Art Blocks v2

Kai-Gen #25

Woop Woop! Run for your life! Kai-Gen are attacking! Fresh from the underground and ready to smash your city, these mutant beasties come unique and fired up. No polygons or texture maps here, just sweet ray-marching magic living right on-chain. When you're ready, press the 2 key on your keyboard to bring them to life. But be forewarned, animated Kai-Gen are hungry AF and will eat old GPUs like jellybeans. A modern-day PC/Mac desktop is highly recommended, then hit that 2 key, if you think you can handle it... Key 1 = Still, Key 2 = Animated. Let's GOOOOO!


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Art Blocks
Art Blocks

Generative Art

Unique iterations of generative works hosted immutably on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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