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Art Blocks - Art Blocks v2 - CryptoCountries: The Unpublished Archives of a Mythical World Traveler #61 - NFT # 348000061

CryptoCountries: The Unpublished Archives of a Mythical World Traveler #61

Cryptocountries is a limited-edition series of digital prints using the medium of generative art. Each map is created by first procedurally generating a terrain height map and then rendering a map in a range of different styles and colours. Each print derives its randomness from a corresponding hash constraining the infinite possibilities for each print in the edition to a single unique image. The series invites the observer to lose themselves in a selection of maps and annotated photographs from the unorganized archives that loosely chronicle the travels of a stranger in a mythical land. ## Prints All original token holders that mint a piece over 1.5 Ξ will be eligible for a single edition (1/1) handmade signed print of their edition using a printmaking technique suitable for the style of image (intaglio etching, screenprint, cyanotype, etc.). The token holder will be consulted in the creation of their print. Size, paper choice, type of ink and even colours can be customized and chosen to suit the token holder's preferences. In addition, free signed digital prints on archival paper will be available to the following collectors - All original holders that mint over 0.6 Ξ will receive a large signed digital print - All original holders that mint over 0.3 Ξ will receive a medium signed digital print All token holders will be able to purchase a signed print of any mint they currently own. More information on prints can be found [here](


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