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Chris Torres - Nyan Cat - BeetsDAO - Holographic Nyan Aoki - NFT # 10058

Holographic Nyan Aoki

Holographic Nyan Aoki flies onto the stage in a dazzling array of colors! This special holographic masterpiece was created in collaboration between Nyan Cat and the incredible Steve Aoki. Now, who wants some cake? Owning this NFT grants the following stats: Brilliance + 200 Legendary + 500 Caked + 1000 Bonus Stat - This Nyan Aoki NFT qualifies the owner to a free extra special Limited Edition Aoki x Nyan Cat jacket by the Dim Mak Collection (Redemption period approximately 6-8 weeks from end of event). Follow @SteveAoki / @NyanCat for more details!


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