NFT # 220 - Deafbeef

DEAFBEEF Series 5: Advection - Token 220

DEAFBEEF: Generative On-Chain Multimedia Art The code and parameters to generate and reconstruct these multimedia files is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Series 5 - Advection - Token 220 An aesthetic study of fluid motion. A commentary on the relationship between nature, mathematics and generative art. Progammable media with shared utility for a community. Both artists and scientists are drawn to the beauty found in nature. Generative art may take inspiration from the compact mathematical models describing complex physical phenomena. Not only do these models produce perceptually interesting outputs, but the mathematical descriptions themselves have an elegant aesthetic. This work attempts to express the beauty and harmony found in the overlap of mathematical and physical concepts in different perceptual modalities. The fluid motion model for these animations is based on academic research conducted in 2010. The sounds of struck percussion are synthesized from physical models sharing common principles. This series extends the user programmable media paradigm of Series 4. One token will be reserved for community access. This one token is not owned, but its utility is shared: community members may learn, study and interact with a programmable system, and in turn may change parameters that influence the audiovisual output. Parameter changes and their authors' addresses are stored on-chain. The audiovisual outputs are reconstructed entirely from 100kb of self contained C code stored on-chain.


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Generative audiovisual art, using nothing but a C compiler. Pushing the limits of multimedia stored completely on-chain.

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