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Bitlectro Labs - Dreamloops V1 - Dreamloop #9208 - NFT # 9208

Dreamloop #9208

As the first release from Bitlectro Labs, Dreamloops feature programmatically generated 8-bit musical loops and 16-bit artwork produced by Keil Corcoran of the band STRFKR. 1 in 5 Dreamloops (20%) will be redeemable for physical media (vinyl record or cassette tape). The 'album covers' are inspired by classic gaming platforms such as the Amiga, PC98, and Super Nintendo, featuring a retro-futuristic aesthetic. The music for each Dreamloop is composed entirely on a classic NES using a MIDINES cartridge. Each Dreamloop's music and art is unique and features elements of varying scarcity. Dreamloops are minted in a 'wrapped' state like a pack of collectible cards or a gift until 'unwrapped' using the unwrap feature at The owner of each Dreamloop receives a Creative Commons CC BY-ND license for their musical loop and a CC BY license for the visual composition to use as they see fit.


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Bitlectro Labs

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The studio behind Dreamloops collectibles. Dreamloops are a series of audio-visual non-fungible tokens (NFTs), minted on the Ethereum blockchain, and hosted via IPFS (Interplanetary File System).

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